lost within an ocean of thoughts …..

ever since i graduated all im doing it being lost within my thoughts. all i can think about are stupid and silly stuff. i have way too much free time on my hands. i really need to do interesting stuff. i think i do no what i want its just a matter of getting them i guess. ow well really dont feel like completing this post.

later gaitors

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i feel lonely…

ever since i graduated from university and i feel lonely.

i have no one, no one to go out with or talk to. ive been crying like a woman whos been pregnant for a year. i really wish this feeling goes away. im not satisfied with my life at all. i no i should thank god and i do, but from inside im dying. i smile and say hi to everybody like nothings wrong but seriously somethings wrong. i wish i feel better soon, i need to feel better soon.

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3eedkom imbarak all :D

well a5eran hal il 3eed 3alaina oo inshalla rumthan kan 7elow oo 5afef 3alaikom.

this 3ed is different for me since almost around 2 months ago i lost my uncle to colon cancer.

it was a day after my bday, oo 9ij ma kan baini oo bain 3ami 3elaqa bess he was my dads bestfriend. they werent brothers they were more. i no ina 3ami right now is in a way better place and i no he surrounded by people that seriously love him and know exactly what he wants. so for this 3eed i want to say to my uncle 3edik imbarak. i no you are somewhere safe and happy and i hope everything is perfect.

may your cells divide in peace 🙂

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And back to bloggin i go …..

well here i am again. blogging ! this would be my third blog actually. yes my third.

what is blogging ? i guess its just a way to let people think there thoughts out loud without looking like a complete nutcase. anyways ma wodi a6owel 3alaikom, this is an introduction of me to you guys. as you know im a 23 year old girl single of course living in kuwait like any other person i know. whats different about my blog is that i will try and use genetics with my everyday writing, why ? cause i studied it for 5 years and i aint letting it go to waste.  anyways prepare for more to come inshalla.

may ur cells divide in peace 🙂

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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